helps people make ideal building product decisions.

Research, Content, Technology, Results.

Let's build better.

We're tackling original research for some long neglected product categories in the building trades.
Original Research runs original labratory and field testing environments to produce our own original testing information.
Quality Content
W compile what we learn, research and test as best-of-breed content, buying guides, and industry reports.
Great Technology
We reach audiences with our best-of-breed technology platforms built by experienced Silicon Valley engineers.
Material Results
We help organizations, professionals and DIY'ers find products, leads and information that drive concrete results.
Let's really make sure it goes

Down The Drain. is a comprehensive, rigorously tested platform that reviews Gutters and Gutter Guard products.
Lab tested products provide original research that help customers and professionals make the right decision.
With geographic mapping and a host of innovative features, we bring customers right to the product they need for where they live.
Advice for DIY and Professionals on the kinds of products that will work, last, and get better results.

Executive Team

We're building something fantastic.

Jonathan Lambert

Products & Technology
Jonathan Lambert has more than 20 years of technology and entrepreneurship experience and has served in executive leadership roles at various leading agencies and software companies.

James Blackburn

Research & Bizdev
James Blackburn leads our testing and research team while handling industry-relations. He’s a go-to reference in the industry, with six years of direct experience as a building materials consultant.

Gary Gogick

Operations & Delivery
Gary Gogick handles daily operations, devops, and cat wrangling. With more than a decade of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and startups, Gary keeps it all humming right along.